Saturday, May 9, 2009

New Baby!

We got exciting news from our friends Keith and Lisa in Kentucky just in time for Mother's Day...our horse Paris foaled a big colt on April 22.

In their words:
I happened to be at the barn with the girls at 5 pm when I noticed she was pacing in her stall. I tried giving her hay but when she wasn't interested. I realized she was in labor. So I hung out while the girls rode their bikes and at 6 or 6:30 her water broke. I told the girls, "Well Paris is having her baby so stand here and be real quiet." They watched the whole thing very quietly. I tried to narrate what was happening. Then, when he was born, both girls went in with towels and rubbed him off. It was so precious. Kayla (our oldest) started to ask me a question and then said, "Nevermind mom, I will find out when I am older." Whoosh...that was close! No tough questions to answer!! Anyway, here are some pictures I took today of baby turned outside for the first time. He has the funniest personality!! He loves to show off!

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