Wednesday, May 13, 2009

All About Mia~Months 4 & 5

Months four and five have brought us a fully interactive, engaged in her world, growing before our eyes little darling. Mia is officially 25 inches long and just over 14 pounds...can you imagine gaining 4 inches and doubling your weight in 4 months? No wonder she's so hungry! Her 4 month check up went well except for one little concern: asymetric leg creases. You know those pudgy little fat rolls on a baby's legs? Well who knew that if they are not symetrical on both legs it may indicate a hip problem requiring braces or possibly surgery? So we made the trip no parent wants to All Children's Hospital. An ultrasound revealed that Mia's hips are perfectly formed ~ thank you God! At four months Mia loves: dancing with her daddy, playing on the floor, grabbing her toys, sucking her toes, smiling at that cute baby in the mirror, watching her brother play, swimming in the pool, and listening to Ella sing and play with her. Oh, and she also started sleeping in her own room which was a milestone for Mommy more than it was for Mia! I kept telling myself it was really convenient having her right next to me for her early a.m. feeding, but more than anything, it was really hard to let her go :-( She's growing up so very fast.
We have had a lot of fun getting Mia out and about this month...

Mommy and me: our first all day mall day. Loved it!

We poured on the sunscreen and headed to Sand Key Beach for Mia's first family beach day.

Little bathing beauty~ Thank you Keesha for the awesome beach ensemble!

Just tuggin' along in my first dip in the pool...the water's great!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Monster's Day!

Mother's Day is always such a special day. Having Mia this year was double the fun. I was invited to a Mother's Day Tea at Carson's school and it was so sweet, adorable and hilarious. The kids sang songs, made gifts and we shared cookies and punch with our lovies. They were instructed to give their special gift to their Mommy and tell them, "Happy Mother's Day!" So Carson proudly presents a Mother's Day book and a handmade flower with his picture inside to me then loud and clear says, "Happy Monster's Day!!!" I about fell out laughing! I was a little surprised by this Freudian slip until I realized how Carson's teacher pronounced Mother's Day...with her accent, it sounded like "mohnzah's day." It all made perfect sense. I'm not a monster, I just have a kid who pays crazy attention to his teacher.

A big thank you to Kate, our sweet neighbor, who took Mother's Day portraits for us this year...

We had a fun time pampering our Mom this year with lunch downtown and a mommy makeover at the Aveda salon. Overdue for a new do, Mom has a snazzy new look!
Andi and Becky indulged in pedicures...beach ready feet!

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Beast

The other day, I asked Carson, "What is your favorite color?" He replied, "Blue, like Daddy's Corvette!" That kid is hooked (just like his Daddy) on the fast and the furious. I realized then that I forgot to post pictures of the corvette's most recent makeover. Flamed out on the outside and amped up under the hood (hopefully 724 hp is now fast enough?) Presenting the new and improved beast...
Click here for a video:

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Postcards From the Pier

Carson and I had a great day with Grandpa Fred and Grandma Dorothy at the St. Pete Pier. Carson was so excited to take his first trolley ride with Grandpa. It was a gorgeous day for sightseeing from the observation deck with views of Tampa Bay, downtown, airplanes and helicopters at the airport and the HMS Bounty. We checked out the fish and chased Carson around the aquarium and visited some of the touristy gift shops. Then of course we enjoyed great cuban sandwiches and black bean soup at the Columbia Restaurant. When the waiter served our lunch, Carson said, "Oh, chocolate soup!"

All aboard!

Clang, clang, clang went the trolley...

What a view~I see pirates!

Click here for more pictures from the Pier:

Saturday, May 9, 2009

New Baby!

We got exciting news from our friends Keith and Lisa in Kentucky just in time for Mother's Day...our horse Paris foaled a big colt on April 22.

In their words:
I happened to be at the barn with the girls at 5 pm when I noticed she was pacing in her stall. I tried giving her hay but when she wasn't interested. I realized she was in labor. So I hung out while the girls rode their bikes and at 6 or 6:30 her water broke. I told the girls, "Well Paris is having her baby so stand here and be real quiet." They watched the whole thing very quietly. I tried to narrate what was happening. Then, when he was born, both girls went in with towels and rubbed him off. It was so precious. Kayla (our oldest) started to ask me a question and then said, "Nevermind mom, I will find out when I am older." Whoosh...that was close! No tough questions to answer!! Anyway, here are some pictures I took today of baby turned outside for the first time. He has the funniest personality!! He loves to show off!