Wednesday, July 22, 2009

So many cousins, so little time!

Carson and Mia have been so blessed over the last few weeks to spend some unexpected time with cousins from far and wide. They have come to visit from Rhode Island, Palm Bay and Texas this summer, and Carson has had a blast getting to know them a little better. Today we spent the day with Sierra and Cole from Houston while they spent this week with Nana Marsha and Grandpa Larry. Carson had a big time swimming, playing Legos (sorry, Cole!) and invading the toy box. Mia was perfectly content getting loved on the whole day. Of course, they both slept the whole way home and when Carson opened his eyes, he sleepily said, "I miss my cousins."

It was fun for me to see how they are all growing up to be such sweet, smart and lovable kids.
Big thanks to Nana Marsha and Gpa Larry for hosting a great day and fabulous lunch for all of us!

For a photoshow of more pics from the day click:

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sisters in town!

Greg's sister Ruth and her family made their annual pilgrimage to the Daytona Nascar race this week and while in Florida, hopped over to the West Coast for a little family time with John's mom and us. Cheryl and her boys were also in town, so it was a great opportunity to all get together. We had lunch at our house and hung out for the day. All seven cousins were together and Carson was in HEAVEN! It was a nice visit...

The gang's all here

Dad and daughters

Cheryl, Alec and Adam

A couch full of cuties!

John and Megan

Cool in the pool

Happy Fourth of July!

We celebrated the Fourth at home this year with a cookout and fireworks show. Mia sported her all-American colors while Carson and his tractor were hard at work making it a special celebration...

We loaded up the trailer with fireworks and met up with neighbors in our cul-de-sac for some pyro-fun.

Ka-BOOM! Carson was not quite into the noise of the fireworks. He spent most of the night in my lap with his ears covered. He kept saying "fire is scary!"

He was brave enough to hold a sparkler though.

At the end of the show, he gave little Connie a ride back to the house.

Swap Till You Drop

Beyond being economical, eco-friendly and a great excuse to clean out your closet, a swap party with the girls is far more fun than a yard sale with strangers! We all brought together our used treasures that we no longer cared to keep and had a shopping spree for FREE. Totally guilt free shopping :-) From clothing, accessories, books, CDs, DVDs, plants, housewares and decor, we shopped till we dropped. My take: a 13 piece Dr. Seuss library, over 50 music CD's, 2 dresses, 3 pairs of comfy capri pants and some fall decorations. After the party, the remains of the day were donated to a charity called The Women of Hope Clothes Closet, a church group in Seminole who help outfit women with free clothes, many of whom are seeking jobs and trying to get on their feet. They were so thankful for the donation...I would recommend sending your things their way.

Jewelry shopping with Aunt Andi

Some books for Mom

Just what my hubby always wanted!

Oooh, this is a good one!

Happy Half Birthday Mia!!!

I know it is totally an over used phrase, but it is so grow up SO FAST. Just a theory, but I think the second is faster? At our six month visit to the Pediatrician, Mia tipped the scale at just over 16 pounds and 26 1/2 inches long. She also got the go ahead to start eating cereal, fruits and veggies. We also got her ears pierced (harder for me than it was for her, she was smiling within half a minute.) A month of many milestones: she now easily rolls onto her tummy, says Mama, got her first tooth, sits up alone and had her first Mommy and Me swim lesson. Mia is really blossoming with personality...she laughs and squeals, enjoys people, adores her brother, plays with toys and is super sweet and lovable. How did we ever live without her?

Six Month Portraits

First eats! Rice cereal, yum.

I love my new earrings!

First swim lesson at home

Thank God for teething toys!