Friday, April 24, 2009

Earth Week 2009

This Earth Week was spent mostly appreciating the great outdoors right outside our own doors. In our butterfly garden, Carson discovered a beautiful plump black and yellow stiped caterpillar chomping on the milkweed plants.
I'm hungry! I will soon turn into a bright yellow butterfly.


Save the Earth for me!

Carson and I went to see the new Disney Nature movie: Earth. It was a beautifully done portrayal of the earth, its creatures and the fragile state we are in. The photography was stunning and for every ticket sold this week, Disney will plant a tree for earth day.

The movie was good, the popcorn was better and I have this cute girl checking me out! This is too cool.

Walking out the the theater, we saw a school bus waiting for children to get out of the Earth movie. The driver agreed to let Carson and his new little friend to take a seat. I think this was the highlight of the day for sure. Moms can make a field trip out of anything!

I love Spring!!! Every day, we stroll through the garden and find something new blooming. This is one of my favorites. It's a shell ginger bloom ~ a tropical treat!

In the category of very weird...the pitcher plant. The little "pitchers" hanging down are filled with water. When an unsuspecting insect goes in for a drink...he may never make his way out. This carnivorous plant shuts the trap and digests its prey.
Another strange one is the Dutchman's Pipe. Before it blooms, it looks like a Dutchman's anatomical part. But the next day...

Sure enough, it does look like a pipe (kind of.)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Busy, Busy April

Wow! The month of April has been super busy. Mia has been a very active three month old, Carson turned three years old, we celebrated Easter with a big open house and Greg and I had our fifth wedding anniversary. I have been on a picture taking frenzy the whole time, so I'll include some super cute snapshots and photoshows of our last month...starting from the top:

All About Mia: Month 3!

I think we can safely say the Mia is sleeping through the night...hallelujah! She now goes down at around 7pm and sleeps until about 5am for a feeding then sleeps again till about 8 in the morning. This new routine has changed our lives in the Wilbur house! Most of all, evenings are now a breeze ~ yipppeeee! Mia likes to spend a lot of time outdoors enjoying the beautiful springtime weather. I find it hard to believe that our three year old still naps more in the daytime than our three month old. I think she is going to be a real go-getter of a girl.
She had her first LOL moment ~ cracking up at her silly Mommy. She has also started to play with her toys and snuggle her blankie up with her fingers. She also had her first real massage from Auntie Andi, which she LOVED until the lavender scent got the better of her. She is such a little spa baby!
Ready for my spa day... Ooohh, that feels good!

She also had a fun play date with her little friend Abigail.

Easter at the Wilburs
We celebrated Easter Sunday at our home again this year with an open house and since Carson's birthday was just a few days later, we had a party for him as well. It is always so awesome to get both sides of our family together. For the kids, the highlight of the day was the Easter egg hunt.

I couldn't resist the opportunity to have some photography fun with my kiddos in the spirit of springtime.

A tisket, a tasket

A sweetie in a basket!

Our friend Linda brought over her bunny Penelope for a photo session...this sweet rabbit actually weighs more than Mia!

Click below for a photo slideshow of Easter this year:

All About Carson: Happy Third Birthday!

Our son, Carson. Thirty five pounds of pure boy. Sweet and smart, funny and lovable. An absolute joy of a kid.
Big accomplishments this year: starting school, learning to swim, becoming a big brother and utilizing an ever expanding and expressive vocabulary.
Favorite things to do: playing at the park and beach, driving cars and riding on Daddy's motorcycle, playing ball, reading books and watching his shows (Little Einsteins, Wonder Pets and Wow Wow Wubzy.)
Loves: going to the airport to pick up Daddy, bedtime books with Mommy, being surrounded by a houseful of extended family.
Favorite toys: Matchbox racecar, Mickey Mouse Racetrack, squirt guns, lawn mower, Magna Doodle, and building blocks. Favorite foods: Meatloaf, mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, french fries, cornbread, fruit, waffles and of course anything with sugar as the main ingredient.

We had a great time celebrating Carson's birthday at Disney World. To relive a highlight of our childhood through our own child's eyes was truly magical ~ I teared up countless times! He loved everything about it...the rides, the characters, the parade. God bless Greg for toting Carson around on his shoulders pretty much the whole day (I love my big strong husband!)

Click below for a slideshow of memories from Carson's birthday party and day at Disney:

A very happy Anniversary...five years and counting!!!

We celebrated at one of our favorite getaway spots close to home ~ The Sand Pearl Resort on Clearwater Beach. A big thanks to Grandma Judy for staying with the kiddos while we spent three relaxing days away.

A toast on our wedding day

A toast to our fifth! A perfect sunset and a great bottle of champagne. Oooh, so romantic :-)