Sunday, August 24, 2008


I should have known when all I have wanted to wear lately is pink and the only names I can think of for our new little one are of the girlie variety. Greg was unscientifically 100% certain that it was a girl. Well, now we can say that our intuition was correct...After the ultrasound, we giddily went back into the jam packed OB waiting room to lovingly gaze at the black and white blur our baby girl's snapshots. I squinted in wonder at how they really know what they are looking at and how sure they really can be on gender. Greg said, "It's easy to see...the baby is on its side with both legs staight out and there are no nuggets in between!" I looked up to see ten pairs of eyes looking at us (trying not to laugh.) Just in case, Greg got the ultrasound tech to agree to re-paint the baby's room if she was not accurate in her gender determination. Here's a sweet little profile of BW2 ~ she looks so cozy and I'm sure she's smiling!
We are officially at our half-way point in the pregnancy...20 weeks and counting. My baby bump is well defined and it's kind of nice to finally look pregnant. Until now, I've just looked like I really love beer.

Friday, August 22, 2008

A Guy Weekend

Recently Brian asked, "Why do the girls always get to have all of the fun?" Good Greg set up a fun fulled guy weekend with his brother. They went fishing, golfing and had a good time visiting with the whole family. Cheryl and her boys even came in for the weekend and stayed with us. While the boys went golfing, we took the kids to the Children's Hands On Museum. Very cool. Carson still asks for his cousins every day.

Click the link below to see a photoshow of our fun weekend:

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Swimming update

Carson has been working so hard in swimming classes and is making alot of progress. He can swim across the short length of the pool with one breath, slides down the big slide by himself and can dive to the botton of the shallow end and grab dive sticks. You can see from these pics how happy he is in the water...

We think he has been inspired by Michael Phelps along with his cute swim instructor, Natalie and his new swim buddy, Bella.

Click below to see a video clip of the little man in action...

Monday, August 4, 2008

Daddy's Home!

What a fun week we had with Daddy at home for 10 whole days! We're trying out a new schedule where Greg is in Houston for 12 days then home for sure was nice having him here for a long stretch. Here's a picture of Carson waking up to find his Daddy at home.

Daddy got to take Carson to school, play at the park, take bike rides, visit with all of the grandparents and of course, he was very impressed with Carson's new swimming skills. We went to Largo Park on Sunday. Not only is it one of our favorite playgrounds, but once a month, they offer miniature train rides that wind through the beautifully landscaped park. I don't know what it is about kids and trains, but they sure do dig them! Click the play button to see the train in action...

Playing soccer in the park...