Monday, May 11, 2009

The Beast

The other day, I asked Carson, "What is your favorite color?" He replied, "Blue, like Daddy's Corvette!" That kid is hooked (just like his Daddy) on the fast and the furious. I realized then that I forgot to post pictures of the corvette's most recent makeover. Flamed out on the outside and amped up under the hood (hopefully 724 hp is now fast enough?) Presenting the new and improved beast...
Click here for a video:

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Becky Perez said...

I don't usually read blogs but Becky told me there were pictures of the Corvette on here. Very nice. Do we get any pictures under the hood? I think you need to have Greg give some details on the work he's had done. That would make me very happy!


PS - While 724 HP may be "enough" 1000 is such a nice round number : )