Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spring Fever?

OK, this is one for the baby book...the other day, Carson and I ran into the pool supply store to pick up a couple of things. They didn't have a shopping cart to keep him contained, so I kept a close eye on him. As I was paying for our things, he was right on my heels. Good boy! The cashier diverted my attention for a few moments by asking alot of questions for their database and in an instant, Carson was not in sight. I could see the entire store from the checkout area and didn't spot him right away. That was because very quietly, Carson had climbed up three steps into the store's display hot tub and was bobbing up and down, fully clothed up to his chin with a huge mischievous grin on his face! I couldn't believe it. As we squished our way to the car for a change of clothes, I was thankful that he wasn't hurt. It was definitely one of those "it's hard to be mad" moments that I giggled about for the next several days. I figured that Carson must have had a touch of "spring fever" so we took a ride over to Grandpa Larry and Nana Marsha's house to enjoy a beautiful day and a dip in the pool. Lot's of below to see the photoshow:

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fresh air and sunshine

Mom and baby ventured outside together for the first time this week. Don't you just want to squeeze the little guy? We are hoping for some recommendations for a name for him ~ help!
So precious...we can't wait to visit them!

Friday, March 21, 2008

It's a boy!

Our horse, Paris gave birth to a beautiful colt last weekend and both mom and baby are doing wonderfully. Keith and Lisa say that she is the easiest first time mom they have ever had! She labored well and is now constantly checking on him. Normally when a foal first starts nursing, the mother squeals (some of you all may understand why!) and may try move to move away. They would have to hold the mom still to get the baby to latch on for the first time, but not Paris. She just stood there and didn't even flinch! Good thing because he LOVES to nurse. That is all he does! We'll post more pics as we get them.

Easter Greetings!

Well, we don't have a cute Easter Bunny picture to share...after several attempts to visit the mall bunny, Carson just wasn't up for it this year. Maybe next time! We are looking forward to seeing all of our family this Easter Sunday at our house ~ it's so nice to be back in Florida enjoying time with our "peeps" (get it?)

This afternoon, we joined two other moms from the neighborhood and their kiddos for a trip to the assisted living facility around the corner. We delivered Easter cards and the residents sure loved seeing the little ones. We look forward to future visits with 20 new senior friends.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wilbur Look-alike Meter

The debate is over...using face recognition technology, Carson officially looks more like Greg! I'm totally OK with that since my hubby is such a cutie ;-) What a fun website ~ you should definitely try it!

MyHeritage: Look-alike Meter - Free genealogy - Geneology

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Melissa's Visit

What a treat I had this past weekend. My awesome friend Melissa from Texas came in for a long weekend and what fun we had. Great girl time and conversational catch up was the best part for me as I have found myself missing my favorite Texans lately. We also spent a whole day at the Ringling Museum immersed in the life and times of John and Mable Ringling reveling in the fine art, their awesome abode and cool circus treasures.

That evening, Greg entertained us with great wine, dinner and of course, chocolate at Melissa's favorite restaurant, Charley's Steakhouse.
The good Americans that we are, the next day was spent stimulating the economy. First stop was at John's Pass Boardwalk, purchasing souvenirs, enjoying the pretty day and watching the dolphin play in the water. Mel couldn't resist flirting with a pirate at the Pass.
From there, we headed to International Plaza for a late lunch and continued shopping. Over lunch, we talked about the New York Yankees spring training in Tampa how cool it would be if we could have a Derek Jeter sighting. Not moments later, who walks in? Yep, Derek Jeter was seated just a few tables away. It was such fun to see Melissa in twitterpated schoolgirl mode ~ I couldn't resist the tempation to completely interrupt Jeter's lunch for a photo op!

Only after nervously sitting down did we realize that also seated at the celebrity baseball player's table was Jorge Posada, Yankees catcher. How rude of us not to include him in our photo session...oops!
After we dropped Mel off at the airport, I reflected on the weekend much like Christmas...huge anticipation, a wonderful gift (of friendship,) lots of great memories and sadness that it was all over so quickly. I am truly blessed to have a great friend where miles between don't matter.
Click below to view a photoshow recap of our fun girl weekend!