Friday, April 24, 2009

Earth Week 2009

This Earth Week was spent mostly appreciating the great outdoors right outside our own doors. In our butterfly garden, Carson discovered a beautiful plump black and yellow stiped caterpillar chomping on the milkweed plants.
I'm hungry! I will soon turn into a bright yellow butterfly.


Save the Earth for me!

Carson and I went to see the new Disney Nature movie: Earth. It was a beautifully done portrayal of the earth, its creatures and the fragile state we are in. The photography was stunning and for every ticket sold this week, Disney will plant a tree for earth day.

The movie was good, the popcorn was better and I have this cute girl checking me out! This is too cool.

Walking out the the theater, we saw a school bus waiting for children to get out of the Earth movie. The driver agreed to let Carson and his new little friend to take a seat. I think this was the highlight of the day for sure. Moms can make a field trip out of anything!

I love Spring!!! Every day, we stroll through the garden and find something new blooming. This is one of my favorites. It's a shell ginger bloom ~ a tropical treat!

In the category of very weird...the pitcher plant. The little "pitchers" hanging down are filled with water. When an unsuspecting insect goes in for a drink...he may never make his way out. This carnivorous plant shuts the trap and digests its prey.
Another strange one is the Dutchman's Pipe. Before it blooms, it looks like a Dutchman's anatomical part. But the next day...

Sure enough, it does look like a pipe (kind of.)

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Andi said...

Isn't Paris's colt's name Dutchman's Pipe?