Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Monster's Day!

Mother's Day is always such a special day. Having Mia this year was double the fun. I was invited to a Mother's Day Tea at Carson's school and it was so sweet, adorable and hilarious. The kids sang songs, made gifts and we shared cookies and punch with our lovies. They were instructed to give their special gift to their Mommy and tell them, "Happy Mother's Day!" So Carson proudly presents a Mother's Day book and a handmade flower with his picture inside to me then loud and clear says, "Happy Monster's Day!!!" I about fell out laughing! I was a little surprised by this Freudian slip until I realized how Carson's teacher pronounced Mother's Day...with her accent, it sounded like "mohnzah's day." It all made perfect sense. I'm not a monster, I just have a kid who pays crazy attention to his teacher.

A big thank you to Kate, our sweet neighbor, who took Mother's Day portraits for us this year...

We had a fun time pampering our Mom this year with lunch downtown and a mommy makeover at the Aveda salon. Overdue for a new do, Mom has a snazzy new look!
Andi and Becky indulged in pedicures...beach ready feet!

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