Monday, March 9, 2009

All About Mia ~ Month Two

We are well into month two and Mia is doing great. At her last check up she weighed in at 12 pounds 5 oz and is now 23 1/2 inches long. We're amazed that she has gained five pounds and two inches in two months. So with her Michelin tire thighs and dimpled elbows comes better sleep ~ Yay! We can make it through the night with only one feeding which is so sweet.

She loves to be rocked and held and loved on. Between Mommy, Daddy, Grandmas and Ella, she hardly gets put down. She is holding her little head up so strong and loves to go for rides in the car and for walks in her stroller or carrier. The biggest challenge right now is her "evening colic" or unexplained fussiness from 6-9 every night. Rocking her helps, but this is prime time in our house as I get dinner ready, feed and bathe Carson and get him ready for bed. So, Sunday through Wednesday nights are sometimes a little stressful while Daddy is away. Fortunately, the doctor says she should outgrow this by three months :-)

Snuggle time with Ella.

Carson is really warming up to Mia more and more. He sings to her when she is crying and loves to share his beloved blanket with her while I'm feeding her. He often asks to hold her too. He says, "She's sooooo cute!"

It's official...Mia is definitely a daddy's girl. She loves hangin' out with her daddy and he has a way of consoling her crying when no one else can. She loves his made up silly songs and smiles alot for him. She even watches Nascar with him. Well, sort of...

Go, Jeff Gordon!

Enjoying a gorgeous day at the park.

I love my new doll...thank you Erica & Colin!

Keeping Up With Carson

It's been a busy month in our house with Mia growing so fast and Carson hitting three big milestones. Carson decided that he no longer needs his booster seat at the dining room table. This is great except for the part where he hops out of his chair after every bite to take a lap around the house or grab a different toy. Getting through a meal can be quite a lengthy process.

The second milestone happened during our bedtime prayers. Normally Greg and I say prayers for him and he ends with it for us with a very dramatic "Amen." One night, when I started it off, he interrupted me saying, "I want to talk to God." He proceeded to give thanks for Mommy, Daddy, Mia, Grandmas and Grandpas and Uncle Keevie and Uncle's dog Pippin. Every night since, he has shortened his prayer to, "Thank you God for Uncle Mark and everybody."

He has really taken a shine to his Uncle Mark. It took me a little while to realize that instead of saying, "On your mark, get set, go! he says, Uncle Mark, get set, go!" So cute.

We have been working on potty training for a while now, but he really seems to be ready suddenly. His new trick is to sit down, pee pee two drops, jump up and scream, "I peeeeeed!" Then he empties the potty in the toilet and flushes. High fives all around. Then the process starts over and over and over and over. Our water bill will reflect this routine I'm sure, but well worth it. Be sure to check the video clip of the victory...the end is hilarious when he accidentally puts the pee in the wrong place.

Deep concentration...