Sunday, June 22, 2008

Rays vs. Cubs

It was certainly going to an epic series...Tampa Bay Rays vs. Chicago Cubs baseball ~ never before have these teams played each other. The majority of the Sadock family being long-time Cubs fans, it was a tough call, but the home town Rays won our favor. In the first two of the three-game series, the Rays defeated the first place Cubbies and we were ready to witness a sweep! We had great seats on the center field camera deck with our brother Keevan (the video camera man.) Leslie, Vic, Becky and I had such a great time in a ball park filled with electric energy, great nachos, our television debut and a big win from our team!
Click the link below to check out the fun and in case you missed us on TV, catch it here:

Monday, June 9, 2008

Off the grid for a while!

Hi! Remember us? Wow, it has been a while since we have blogged. I have had a pretty full plate the last few months (all good) and have just not kept up with getting the highlights posted! Literally just about every week has been stacked with out of town visitors, family gatherings and celebrations, or major home renovations. Of course, being the camera happy person that I am, I have lots of memories, pics and photoshows to share, so my goal is to post a recent event every day or so until I'm all caught up.

I think I'll start with today...quite a big day for our little man Carson. Today was his first day of school!!! I didn't sleep much last night, I was so anxious and nervous for this momentous occasion. I fought back the tears on the drive to Ascension Day School. We walked through the door to the two year old summer class and Carson headed straight for the sand box, then off to the trucks, then the train table. He completely avoided the little boy in the corner playing dress up in a Princess gown. Mommy...who's Mommy? I fought the urge to be a "helicopter mom" and left my big boy in very capable and compassionate hands for three whole hours. I may just try to enjoy this whole "me time" thing.