Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mia's Third Quarter Review

Time to put my HR hat back on and give a quick evaluation of Mia's third quarter: months seven, eight and nine:

At seven months, Mia has become a key player in the Wilbur house. She is fun-loving and enjoys getting out of the house to experience new sights and sounds. Her fine motor skills are quite accurate and strong ~ she can find a crumb of a crumb of a crumb on the floor and she can grab a handful of her brother's hair and won't let go without taking a few stands with her. Though still a novice eater, she manages to get more puree in her mouth than everywhere else and she finds giving us the raspberries with a mouthful of carrots quite hilarious.

She is improving daily on her physicality. She can sit up all by herself without falling down...look, Ma ~ no hands! Her favorite toys are her Jumparoo, Carson's toy cars, and little board books.
Not easily discouraged by the difficulty of learning to crawl, by the end of month six, Mia can pull up into the rocking position...she will crawl before long!
Mia is also eager to help out where needed. She likes to help her Mommy in the yard and is also a lovely addition to the the arrow below for a video.

In her eighth month, Mia conquered many milestones. She started crawling, imitating sounds and perfected the art of the scowl. Baby fruit puffs are her new obsession...they make going to a restaurant a whole different experience for the family. Fruit puffs = happy baby. This month, she also pulled up all by herself to sit in her crib...the next day, we found her standing in her crib. Uh-oh!
Good thing Daddy came home that very day. He was able to lower the crib before she made her escape!!!
Mia caught a pretty bad upper respiratory infection with a weazing cough. We got through it with the help of nebulizer treatments and antibiotics. She could have been a poster child for the breathing treatments, but swallowing medicine was a battle and a half.

Mia always presents herself in the cutest of baby attire. She has a fondness for hair bows and girlie gear. Mia gave us quite a fashion show wearing just feathers and cuteness...crawling the red carpet just may be the newest craze. Work it, girl!

Nine moths old now, Mia is growing by leaps and bounds. She can pull herself up and walk around holding on to furniture. Give her your hands and she will run! She is way too busy for naps and quite literally will fall asleep sitting or even standing up in her crib. Click the arrow below for a video clip of this amazing skill...

Mia happily utilizes pre-loved resources. Carson's little push car is now Mia's favorite mode of transportation. She adores cruising the neighborhood and spinning through the water park in her new wheels.

Mia is eager to learn new things. She is currently enrolled in a baby sign language class at the library. She can also blow kisses, wave bye-bye, and show us how big she is by putting both hands high in the air.

Mia is very self motivated. Within days of learning how to crawl, she took it upon herself to open the doors to the entertainment center and rearrange our DVD collection.
It has been a wonderful third quarter for our little girl and we look forward to many happy reviews in the future!

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