Friday, October 9, 2009

Blog Break

Well, it seems that I have taken a summer vacation from blogging and it is definitely time to catch up on some happenings! We filled our summer days with lots of fun stuff...I'll just let the pictures tell most of the story...

Now that the entire family is outfitted with wheels, we have been hitting the road for bike rides with the kiddos. Carson trails behind Greg on a crazy cool 1/2 bike and Mia rides behind me in a baby seat. Our favorite ride is on Saturday mornings to an awesome little breakfast place for fresh OJ, egg sandwiches and homemade pastries...then we ride a little more ;-)
Mia seems to really enjoy her little spot on the back of my bike. She never seems to complain anyway...

Maybe that's because she sleeps almost the entire time!!!

We beat the summer heat at our new favorite place...the Dunedin Sprayground.

Hangin' with Daddy.

Having fun at a MOPS playdate.

Hey, this floor has sprung a leak!

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