Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Father's Day

This year for Father's Day, the theme was pictures. I bought webcams for each of us so that we can Skype from Clearwater to Houston while Daddy is away. Carson is looking forward to bedtime stories everynight with Daddy. We also surprised Greg with portraits for Father's Day this year...

Harley Dude

Mia the Motorcycle Mechanic

I also put together another Heritage Makers book for Father's Day called "Then I became your Dad" It chronicles the story of Greg's life at each stage from baby to student to soldier to husband before he became their Daddy. Greg loved it and I'm sure the kids will love knowing more about their Dad. Click the link below to take a peek:

On Saturday, we had both dads and the whole family together for a Father's Day cookout...

Rock on Grandpa Larry!

For the Dads, we bought the coolest new gadget...The Flip video camera. It's a tiny hand sized recorder that connects straight into the computer to download and share video clips. They are having loads of fun with them. I'm gonna have to put this on my wish list!


Staying cool in the pool with Aunt Becky...
is it really 110 degrees out?

"Hangaburrs" and hot dogs for Maddie & Carson.


Mark grillin and chilllin

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