Saturday, February 2, 2008

Michigan in January...brrrrr!

Greg and I spent last weekend in Michigan visiting his brother Brian and family. Carson stayed home with Grandma Judy, while we braved the cold north. It was such a great visit, mostly for the time we got to share with Brian, Julie, Stevie and Jordan. Another highlight was the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, something Greg has always wanted to see. We had a Wilbur vs. Wilbur dodgeball match (I don't remember it being so much fun back in middle school!) The guys played video games, basketball and hung out at home, while the girls went for a spa day. If you click the link below, you can check out the amazing concept cars as well as the very cute snowman we made, championship Wii play, and Stevie's soccer game. My favorite memory: Brian giving it all in Dance, Dance Revolution ~ see for yourself in the photoshow below!


Cheryl said...

The Moreys had a fun time watching Uncle Brian dance! We laughed out loud and Adam and Alec liked to see the snow! Thanks for sharing!

POPS said...

Marsha & I know that tushies were cold in Michigan. Glad to hear that everyone had a great time in the snow. NO THANK YOU. Been there & done that. I do think that is why we live in a WARM state.