Friday, February 1, 2008

Carson's 21!

Our boy is already 21 ~ months that is! Not quite ready to hit the bar scene just yet, but he does have a fondness for sweetening his milk with a shot of chocolate. Carson is doing great and getting big. Often dramatic and excitable (a Wilbur trait) he has tons to say, most of which we don't understand yet. He loves talking on the phone, going to Gymboree and spending time with family. We'll soon be looking at schools for him ~ just a morning schedule a couple of days a week to start. We can't begin to count all of our blessings when it comes to our sweet boy. Here's a little update on our cutie...

Carson's faves:
Foods: mac n cheese, (of course) pizza, mommy's meatloaf, waffles
Snacks: colorful goldfish crackers, bananas
Drinks: orange juice, fresh fruit smoothies
Shows: Handy Manny and Elmo
Outdoor activity: digging in the sand at the beach
Indoor activity: Gymboree
Toys: monkey broom, laptop, Little People Garage
Song: Low "Apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur..."

New things:
Going into the pantry when the munchies strike
Running down the hall in the morning and jumping in bed with Daddy
Blowing kisses with a very dramatic flair
Lifting the edge of mommy's shirt and giggling uncontrollably
Patiently riding along as we searched high and low for our new house
Putting things away (we are still searching for 2 of 3 TV remotes)
Molars are peeking through ~ ouch!
Calling family and friends on the cell phone by all himself
Words: buuuyyyyeeeee (goodbye), choo (shoe), gog (dog), cooo (cool), whoooaaaa!
Struggles: separation anxiety when mommy leaves him at the gym kid's club or grandma's house

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Erica & Colin said...

Oh, Jess! He is so precious! I can't wait to hug his little neck. I'm secretly hoping for a kiss too (just like the mom at Gymboree)!