Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Horror Nights

All of us girls met up a few weekends ago for the annual Halloween Horror Nights adventure. It was especially awesome because all seven of us girls were escorted by Rich (Karina's sweetie and a top exec. at Universal.) It was like going to the Chocolate Factory with Willie Wonka himself! We entered the haunted houses in ways you wouldn't even know about, without a minute of a wait. The average wait time in each of the eight houses was at least 90 minutes! Talk about being completely spoiled forever. We felt like celebrities :-) It was pretty scary and very cool. After that we went to the Red Coconut to shake our stuff. Too much fun.

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Kay Dooley said...

Jess you are so creative!! I am floored by all you do. I need a Blog101 course. One of my sons said he would try to find the time to help me soon. Kay