Wednesday, July 22, 2009

So many cousins, so little time!

Carson and Mia have been so blessed over the last few weeks to spend some unexpected time with cousins from far and wide. They have come to visit from Rhode Island, Palm Bay and Texas this summer, and Carson has had a blast getting to know them a little better. Today we spent the day with Sierra and Cole from Houston while they spent this week with Nana Marsha and Grandpa Larry. Carson had a big time swimming, playing Legos (sorry, Cole!) and invading the toy box. Mia was perfectly content getting loved on the whole day. Of course, they both slept the whole way home and when Carson opened his eyes, he sleepily said, "I miss my cousins."

It was fun for me to see how they are all growing up to be such sweet, smart and lovable kids.
Big thanks to Nana Marsha and Gpa Larry for hosting a great day and fabulous lunch for all of us!

For a photoshow of more pics from the day click:

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Cheryl said...

Looks like everyone had a fun time!