Friday, February 13, 2009

Poor Little Buddy

While getting Carson ready for bed the other night, I noticed a perfect little toddler sized bite on his right shoulder. I guess this is sort of a pre-school right of passage, but Greg and I were a little concerned that we didn't know about it when it happened at school. Actually, Greg was ready to send in a forensic team in to take dental impressions of every tot within a mile of the playground. I asked Carson what happened and all he would say was "I got boo boo." Still unwilling to rat out the half-pint Hannibal Lecter, he blamed the bite on a mosquito. I would hate to see THAT mosquito! We talked to the teacher the next day and she said he did cry that day on the playground but he wouldn't tell her what was wrong. We're working on teaching him to tell somebody when he gets hurt and hopefully he hasn't learned a new self-defense skill.

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aunt andi said...

Awwww, poor lil guy....maybe the kid bit him cuz he's so sweet!