Friday, January 30, 2009

All about Mia ~ Month One

Already our little one is five weeks are some of the highlights of her first month:

Mia has found her smile and stolen our hearts. She has discovered her hands and feet and lifts her head. She loves taking baths and being outside. Like most newborns, she loves to be cuddled, rocked and loved on. She sometimes sucks her thumb, but refuses a pacifier. She is growing at lightning speed (maybe due to the every two hour feedings!) and is quickly making her way into and out of her wardrobe.

As a very sleepy little baby, Carson was given the royal title "Sir Sleeps A Lot." Not to be outdone, Mia has been lovingly crowned "Princess Poops A Lot." The poop-fest has led us into the battle of the raging diaper rash. Our weapons of choice have included two prescriptions and over half a dozen over the counter remedies which have led mostly to frustration. I think we're finally getting ahead of her tushie tenderness, but whew, has it been a challenge!

Carson is getting used to the idea of sharing his world with "sister baby." We had one episode of jealousy where he faked a knee injury that led us to the doctor's office only to find he was a strong, perfectly healthy toddler in need of more attention. Can't wait to share this story when the kiddos are grown!

Mia's first bath at home, Daddy sure is good at this, isn't he?

These daily oatmeal baths sure do make my tushie feel better!

Oh, good ~ there's my thumb. Now I'm ready for my nap.

I'm not hurting her, I'm just practicing my hair pulling technique for later!

I'm a big girl!


The Boudreaux Family said...

She's such a cutie!

Erica and Colin said...

Ok, seriously, could she get any cuter?! What a little sweetheart! I can't wait to meet her and kiss those cute, chubby cheeks.

I love the pictures of Carson in the post below too! He is growing up so fast, and what a handsome guy he is becoming!

You have a beautiful family! We miss you guys and love you lots!