Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sip & See Tea Party

Last Saturday we celebrated the upcoming arrival of our sweet baby girl with a "Sip & See" tea party. Surrounded by family and girlfriends, we nibbled on scones and sipped tea as the baby made her debut with a 3-D ultrasound from the comfort of our own couch.
It was difficult at first to get a clear view of her face because of her positioning and her "talk to the hand" posture. After sending down some sugar (a cupcake) and a little belly massage from Aunt Andi, we finally got a good shot.

Greg and I think she has her mommy's nose and those full, pouty Sadock lips. She looks so peaceful, doesn't she? Don't be fooled ~ she is quite a kicker...shapeshifting my belly all day long!

Three happy Grandmas!
My love and thanks to everyone who made the day so awesome.

Visit our photoshow of this special day by clicking the link below:

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Marianne said...

Your creativity blows my mind! You look great and the baby girl looks beautiful like her mommy. Have you picked out any names?