Sunday, July 13, 2008

Our little swimmer

We have been playing with Carson in our own pool all summer and he was starting to get really confident with himself in the water ~ I have to give Greg all the credit for helping him learn to hold his breath under water, choo-choo along the edge and jump in off the wall. We decided it was time to make sure he was really safe in the pool with swimming lessons. We found a private instructor who had real success with our neighbor's twins. He began with 30 minute lessons every day and despite his love of the water, was extremely reluctant to be passed into the hands of strangers while Mommy waits in hiding (parents in view are too distracting.) He now looks forward to his time in training even if it is only for the big treat bin of sweets he gets to dive into after his lesson..."pops" (lolipops) are his fave. He has also taken a shine to his instructor's daughter Natalie who has worked with him several times. After only five lessons, Carson is actually swimming! Amazing how fast they were able to get him to hold his breath, put his face into the water and kick his way through the water several feet to the steps! They also managed to help him float on his back without freaking out and melting down in tears (something we have been working on for a year now.) Way to go Carson!


Erica & Colin said...

So precious! Way to go, Carson!

I hope you guys are having a wonderful summer!

Miss you!


cristina said...
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JessicaB said...

That precious little boy on the slide cannot be Carson Wilbur? Oh my goodness I can hardly believe how big he is getting! And so grown up, swimming already. Way to go big guy!

Miss yall!

Jess B

Anonymous said...

All right Carson!!! It's amazing how fast they learn. Love you all

The Six Spauldings

kimberly said...

thats great! especially down here water safety is a major thing glad to see he is doing well!

judy said...

Don't know if all the Sadoks loved the water when they were young but the Wilburs sure did, he is keeping up the tradition.