Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spring Fever?

OK, this is one for the baby book...the other day, Carson and I ran into the pool supply store to pick up a couple of things. They didn't have a shopping cart to keep him contained, so I kept a close eye on him. As I was paying for our things, he was right on my heels. Good boy! The cashier diverted my attention for a few moments by asking alot of questions for their database and in an instant, Carson was not in sight. I could see the entire store from the checkout area and didn't spot him right away. That was because very quietly, Carson had climbed up three steps into the store's display hot tub and was bobbing up and down, fully clothed up to his chin with a huge mischievous grin on his face! I couldn't believe it. As we squished our way to the car for a change of clothes, I was thankful that he wasn't hurt. It was definitely one of those "it's hard to be mad" moments that I giggled about for the next several days. I figured that Carson must have had a touch of "spring fever" so we took a ride over to Grandpa Larry and Nana Marsha's house to enjoy a beautiful day and a dip in the pool. Lot's of below to see the photoshow:


cristina said...

oh, no! LOL

good momma for having an extra change of clothes in the car...that is ALWAYS a good idea, no matter how old they get...sometimes i think i should pack some for me. :)

great, fun, fun. you look great!

Marianne said...

I was just talking to Erica this morning about how I haven't seen a photoshow starring your little cutie pie. I was beginning to have withdrawals!

Love ya!

andi said...

That kid LOVES the water!!!!!

kimberly said...

As a mom i have to say that has to be one of the scariest feelings in the world, Brandon did that at walmart once i thought he was with jeff he thought he was with me next thing you know we hear over the loudspeaker..will the parents of a little boy wearing blue jeans and a red shirt please come to customer service we have your child!! it didnt dawn on me it was Brandon because like i said he was with his dad... but i ran to the desk just in case and sure enough it WAS MY SON! from then on he went in a carrige!!!!! Glad nothing happened to Carson and those pics were great!

cristina said...